7 Skills Every Father Must Teach His Children

7 Skills Every Father Must Teach His Children

No one is going to teach your children these skills in school. Here are 7 real-life skills every father MUST teach his children:

1. How and when to say sorry

We teach our kids how to apologize when we are wrong by swallowing our own pride and saying sorry when we're wrong. They will remember it.

2. How to run a business

There is little to no emphasis in public education on building valuable skills that prepare kids to run a business. If you're an entrepreneurial dad, this may come more natural.

3. How to manage $$$

I know I wish I would have been taught at a young age about how money works. What is money? How do successful people invest money? What do banks do with our money? Talk to your kids about money from a Godly perspective and they will understand what to do with it when they start to earn it!

4. How to handle a gun

This one might trigger some people and... well, we don't care. You get to decide how you handle this one but in our house, our kids will learn an at appropriate age how to respect and operate firearms safely.

5. How to build a fire

This is survival 101 and everyone should know how to do this.

6. How to take accountability

In life and business, people who take accountability and learn from mistakes and missteps are the ones that achieve great success. This is also one that you teach through your own actions. If you tell them with words to be accountable but then take refuse to take any accountability yourself, your words will ring hollow.

7. How to pray

It's a fact of life that your kids will face challenges and adversity. Make sure they know how to get on their knees to pray when life gets hard.

Obviously, this list is not comprehensive. Head over to the High Value Dad Twitter page and let me know which skills you'd add to this list!