Don't Be "Too Busy" to Build Your Dream Life

Don't Be "Too Busy" to Build Your Dream Life

Brothers, I’m going to be blunt with you.

If you are still telling yourself you’re “too busy” as a way to cope with the fact that you’re not doing what’s necessary to elevate yourself for your family, it’s time to put an end to it today.

It is likely the most common excuse for why men don’t take the first step that could potentially lead to the life of their dreams.

I am no exception. Well into my late 20s, I would utter the same refrain to myself when I’d wonder why I wasn’t further ahead.

“I am just so busy.”

“How could I possibly find time to start a business?”

It wasn’t until I finally took stock of where I was investing my time that I realized the terrifying truth: I was squandering my greatest asset.

I actually wrote it down on paper. Here’s what I realized:

I spent hours many days playing Madden (a video game). I spent hours daily watching mindless content on YouTube and Netflix. I spent 3+ hours watching football on Sunday. Back then, there was also hours of porn consumption each month.

When I finally crunched the numbers, I realized I was losing DAYS each month to things that weren’t serving me. I think it was something like 70 hours a month. That’s nearly 3 days every month wasted!!!

Keep in mind, I did work hard at my career as a W-2 employee. I worked my way up as Managing Editor at TheBlaze and held high-level positions at a couple other companies. But my time, focus, and energy went when I wasn’t working was a disaster.

I was ashamed.

I wasn’t investing that time in my relationship with my wife. I wasn’t investing that time in growing a business to achieve financial freedom for my family. I wasn’t investing that time in becoming a better man and leader.

The Road Less Traveled

Though it took many months of effort to break the habits that had taken root, one-by-one, I began to replace negative behaviors with productive ones.

I started a side-hustle, which was really just taking on a single client doing what I was already doing at my full-time job (social media monetization). That would later turn into a thriving 7-figure digital agency.

I decided weekends would be for family and deepening my relationships. This would serve me incredibly well after my sons were born. I replaced Netflix with books and content that would help me develop skills to earn more income.

I also started working out regularly and praying regularly, which ironically will give you more energy to power through in your new ambitious life.

I am not here to preach at you or tell you that his path is the “easy” one. It’s not. However, it is the only path to greatness. There’s a reason few decide to take it.

But if you subscribe to this newsletter, I know the fire exists inside of you. You have the drive and motivation to be the absolute best version of yourself for your children and family.

I challenge you to get out a pen and paper and write down all of the things you are investing your time into that aren’t serving you or moving you forward.

Then just do something that brings you a tiny step closer to the life of your dreams. Just start.

We have no time to waste. Our families are counting on us and there are no second chances.

God bless every single one of you,

Jason Howerton
Founder, High Value Dad